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Inquity form for any questions regarding EdgeOCR. During the free assessment, we conduct an individualized study for your use case and send you a report of the results.

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※Demo app runs on Android 6.0 and above

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Asessment report (free)

If you are consider using OCR, we will help you decide by conducting an individual assessment for your particular needs. During the assessment, we explore your use case and suggest a fitting AI model. Based on the results, avenues for customization and optimization are also explored.

a sample assessment report page
a sample assessment report page
a sample assessment report page

We accompany you at every step to full integration



Request a free assessment via our inquiry form



We explore and analyze your particular use case


Free assessment

We evalluate the our AI for your specific use case


Assessment report

Use our assessment report when you consider introducing OCR to your workflow


AI model customization

Use our AI as is, or use our customization service ofr higher precision and speed. Depending on your needs, we can also create completely customized models.



Use our EdgeOCR SDK, or leave the integration or full system development to us.

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