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Blazingly fast OCR

OCR tailor-made for the logistics industry.
Blazingly fast, precise, easy to use and highly customizable. Perfect to speed up logistics processes.

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0.1s on a smartphone
- EdgeOCR

0.1 seconds,
how it works.

In regular OCR calculations are done in the cloud, with data transfer taking valuable seconds. EdgeOCR does all the work on the smartphone, making the blazingly fast speed of 0.1 seconds possible.


Point camera

AI Analysis


Regular cloud-based OCR

Take picture

Send data

AI Analysis

Receive data


smart phone demo image

Free demo app available. Try EdgeOCR now!

Give EdgeOCR a try with our free demo app and experience its blazing speed on your own smartphone.

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※Demo app runs on Android 6.0 and above

- but not just fast


EdgeOCR can read a variety of fonts - but also handwriting and foreign scripts like Japanese. Customization for rare fonts is available.


EdgeOCR reads a wide variety of barcodes and QR-codes as well. Get it all done with a single device.

Cutting-edge AI models

EdgeOCR uses the cutting edge of OCR research, thus delivering the best precision currently possible. As part of our assessment, we analyse the precision for a given application and offer customization as needed.

Optimize with AI customization

With EdgeOCR, we also offer AI customization adapted to your particular needs. For example, we can optimize the AI to find phone numbers of any format anywhere in the camera frame.


Your data is secure, as no transmission is needed to fully use the OCR system. EdgeOCR works without any internet connection.

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A perfect fit
for any situation in logistics

No barcode - no problem

Expiration dates, phone numbers, produce without a barcode, letters directly printed on product parts - read it all.

For when you need speed

Get rid of the costly seconds spent waiting for results from regular OCR. No more waiting with our blazingly fast 0.1 second OCR.

Handwriting and rare fonts

Numbers, English and Japanese letters, a variety of fonts, barcodes, QR-codes. Customization available for rare fonts such as dotted fonts.

Running on
Handheld Computers

EdgeOCR is available as an SDK and runs not only on smartphones, but can be integrated into handheld computers

When the formats change

We can adapt our AI to your needs. Training is done in-house, and we offer customization to make sure EdgeOCR can read everything you throw at it.

No network needed

As all processing is done on the edge, weak or spotty connections are no longer an issue.

Free AI precision assessments currently available

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Asessment report (free)

If you are consider using OCR, we will help you decide by conducting an individual assessment for your particular needs. During the assessment, we explore your use case and suggest a fitting AI model. Based on the results, avenues for customization and optimization are also explored.

a sample assessment report page
a sample assessment report page
a sample assessment report page

We accompany you at every step to full integration



Request a free assessment via our inquiry form



We explore and analyze your particular use case


Free assessment

We evalluate the our AI for your specific use case


Assessment report

Use our assessment report when you consider introducing OCR to your workflow


AI model customization

Use our AI as is, or use our customization service ofr higher precision and speed. Depending on your needs, we can also create completely customized models.



Use our EdgeOCR SDK, or leave the integration or full system development to us.

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Integrate EdgeOCR into your product

Warehouse systems/apps

Integrating EdgeOCR will make intake of goods without barcodes, inspection and picking run smoothly.

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Delivery systems/apps

With EdgeOCR, organizing shipping labels and entering delivery addresses is simple.

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Workflow systems/apps

Make organizing receipts and sales documents easy with EdgeOCR.

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Handheld computers and industrial smartphones

Power up your industrial devices by greatly extending their reading capabilities using EdgeOCR.

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